Position Actuators Made to your Specifications

We here at Micromatic LLC are known for our world-class position actuators, and our history of creating top-of-the-line actuator solutions for our clients speaks for itself. We've taken a lot of care in creating custom solutions for our clients, no matter whether they one, two, or more position actuators. We can help out with pretty much any actuator need, and we do so with vigor. Here are a few features that a position actuator provides.
  • They provide a durable and time tested design
  • They are extremely compact, revolving instead of moving linearly
  • Since there are few moving parts, there is an inherently low maintenance cost associated with position actuators
Our engineers are ready to work with you to determine your exact specifications. Our state of the art facilities will ensure that we can accomplish these designs in a timely and cost effective manner. We've completed many projects for companies in all kinds of industries, including ...
  • Automotive Assembly and Testing
  • Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Automation
  • Mining Equipment
... and many, many more.

If you're looking for a manufacturer with the expertise to help you with your actuator needs, give us a call today.