Our Pneumatic Actuators Can Help You

Having the information to decide on the properly-sized pneumatic rotary actuator is made easy with Micromatic. You can easily use our Pneumatic Rotary Actuator page to find the actuator that fulfills your need.
You will find all the important dimensions for our LP-11, LP-12, LP-22, and LP-24 components there. Measurements in inches and millimeters are provided. Other important notes on our LP series actuators include:
  • Standard design operates on dry, non-lubricated air
  • External stops should be implemented as the abutments are not designed as mechanical stops
  • Consult Micromatic for maximum torque output or applications requiring low breakaway
We also provide performance data, based on operating psi. Single and double vane data is presented at 50 psi, 75 psi, 100 psi, 125 psi, and 150 psi. We understand that not every application can be answered by our “standard” line of pneumatic actuators and we can design, develop, and deliver a custom rotary actuator solution that exceeds your performance requirements.

Contact Micromatic today to learn more about our capabilities.