Increase your Productivity with Material Handling Solutions from Micromatic

Material handling solutions offer great economy of scale. While you can increase output from your production line, the need to increase the number of employees can remain the same. This reason alone is usually not enough, so here are some other added benefits to robotic material handling.
  • Repetitive tasks are made easy. Reducing the risk of employee injury from doing repetitive activities.
  • Special grippers can manipulate and handle components difficult to manage with human hands.
  • Lifting capacity many times the ability of the normal worker; lifting components in humanly impossible angles or motions.
  • Performing hazardous activities protecting worker health and safety.
Material handling solutions from Micromatic are industry renowned for their robust functionality and quality construction. Our engineering team has extensive knowledge to take your technical drawings and develop a turnkey solution. A Micro-Precision® automated system will meet any application requirement. Contact us to begin creating a customized robotic material handling solution.