Factory Automation Tailored to You

Today's industrialized factories need to run faster to reduce cost per part, and eliminate the repetitive motion impacts on associates. No matter what you manufacture this holds true. Effective implementation of a robust factory automation solution is just what Micromatic provides.

From material handling with gantry-style solutions to pallet handling and part insertion we have extensive experience in designing, developing and installing ideal automation solutions tailored to your specific business production needs. Eliminate waste and potentially hazardous working conditions to improve your bottom-line.

Increased part quality is another goal of a good factory automation solution. We use the latest in vision, LDLT, and verification technologies to ensure your parts meet, or exceed, your customers' demands. Choose a name associated with quality, and reduce the cost per part for added savings.

Like what you're reading? Larger production runs, reduced cost per part and superb part quality are just the factors to boost your factory to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our factory automation capabilities.