Factory Automation Process Can Help Your Bottom Line

Many factors go into the cost of your product. Manufacturing costs are just one of them when looking for efficiencies to reduce costs. Material handling and part verification are two processes a factory automation solution can improve.

Micromatic LLC is ready to design a factory automation product that meets and exceeds your requirements in product quality and transport. We have decades of engineering expertise to apply to your automation solution. Fresh insight combined with solid engineering techniques will produce an answer to your production issues.

Factors that we can help your business effectively manage to reduce your bottom-line…
  • Reducing wasted parts with a variety of visual verification systems to properly measure and position your products where they needs to go.
  • Taking your footprint into consideration; maximizing floor space use.
  • Integrating our world-class rotary actuators into your design where possible.
  • Increasing part/min transport to keep pace with your manufacturing speed.
From material handling with gantry-style solutions to pallet handling and part insertion, we have extensive experience in designing, developing and installing ideal automation solutions tailored to your specific business production needs. Larger production runs, reduced cost per part and superb part quality are just the factors to boost your shop to the next level.

Contact us today to learn more about our factory automation capabilities.