Compact Oscillating Actuators

When space limitations hinder your options for an oscillating actuator solution, consider a rotary actuator. Their compact design coupled with Micromatic's tradition of rotary actuator fabrication is a winning combination. We have for decades created reliable oscillating actuator solutions for the automotive, manufacturing and countless industries.

Select from hydraulic or pneumatic power with a wide range of options including...
  • Hollow shaft, solid shaft with or without bearing support.
  • Maximum operating pressures of up to 750 to 1,000, and 3,000 PSI.
  • Porting and seal options.
  • Special requirements such shaft extension, air bleeds and rotational control are available.
Need something out of the ordinary? Our engineering team can design, develop and create a custom oscillating actuator product that is an ideal solution to your business needs. Contact Micromatic LLC today to learn more about ordering options.