Automated Test Systems will help you Keep your Quality Products High

We here at Micromatic have set the standard for automated test systems that can cover a complete range of applications. Our Micro-Precision® automated test systems can satisfy the needs of individual stations, and turnkey automated test systems meant for assembly and verification applications.

Our history in custom-engineered industrial products and equipment goes all the way back to 1929. Since then, we’ve built upon our solid reputation. We’ve become the best source for high quality and full-range automated test systems and rotary actuators. And our automated test systems can be used for a wide array of industries and applications, including engine, turbine and power transmission, plus electrical equipment, piston and vehicle engine and vehicle transmissions.

We also incorporate the latest technology into our automated test systems. We utilize many cutting-edge elements like vision, mechanical contract (LVDT), air gauging, laser, fiber optics and more.

Contact Micromatic, based here in Indiana, and let us show you what our Micro-Precision® automated test systems can do in your specific applications.