Aiding your Mining Operations: Rotac ® High Torque Rotary Actuators

Micromatic produces some of the most well-known high torque rotary actuators in the industry. The high torque rotary actuators that we make are renowned for their durability, service life, and resistance to environmental elements. For instance, Boart Longyear uses our rotary actuators to deliver the high torque needs in mining operations.

Underground mining in particular is very demanding and hard on the equipment that is used in these confined spaces. With space at a premium, not only is compactness important, but simplicity of operation. With a single moving part, reliability and lower maintenance costs are achieved. And who doesn't need that? With backlash all but eliminated and quick response at your operator's fingertips, a Rotac® high torque rotary actuator is invaluable to offering your customers the repeatability and dependability they deserve.

We have many standard rotary actuator configurations, or we can work with you on a custom high torque actuator to meet your specific operating requirements. Then we deliver fully assembled and tested actuators to you for easy installation; a complete turn-key operation. Contact Micromatic today and see what we can provide for you.